Visual Artists



Angel Fisher is the director of the Coastal Water Protectors and our remarkable Visual Content Specialist. Angel is the mastermind behind the breathtaking photos that grace the Coastal Water Protectors’ website and social media pages. Her keen eye and impeccable skills transform ordinary moments into extraordinary works of art. Every image that showcases the pristine beauty of British Columbia, Canada is a testament to Angel's dedication and passion for capturing the essence of our province. From the serene beaches to the enchanting rainforests, Angel's lens encapsulates the natural wonders that deserve our protection. Not only does she possess an exceptional talent for photography, but she also showcases her creativity in other artistic endeavors. Internationally recognized and published for her imaginative portraiture, Angel freezes moments in time, leaving viewers captivated. Her artistic spirit flourishes beyond the camera lens, where she fearlessly explores abstract mixed media art and pens evocative poetry. We express our deep appreciation for Angel's extraordinary work, as her stunning photographs and meticulous editing contribute immensely to our cause.

Digital Artist

Nevada Lynn is the talented digital artist whose captivating artwork graces the core content of the Coastal Water Protectors' website. As a Red River Métis, Nevada's upbringing in the Yukon and on her grandmother’s Peace River farm in northern Alberta has deeply influenced her artistic perspective. Nevada works full time as a digital artist and studies Visual Art with a specialization in printmaking at Emily Carr University of Art + Design while gratefully residing on the shared, unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh Nation and the Lilwat7úl Nation in Whistler, BC. Nevada leverages her creative practice to advocate for social justice, climate justice, Indigenous sovereignty, and water protection. We express our heartfelt appreciation to Nevada for her incredible contributions to the Coastal Water Protectors' website, as her artwork brings our message to life and inspires others to join our cause.

Drone Operator

Zia Yazdani is the manager of the Coastal Water Protectors and our talented drone operator and video editor, plays a crucial role in capturing stunning footage and videos that grace our website and social media pages. His dedication and expertise shine through in every frame, bringing our conservation efforts to life. Zia's strong passion for wildlife and wilderness conservation led him to join the BC Métis Federation and become an engaged member of the Coastal Water Protectors. We are incredibly grateful for Zia's exceptional contributions, which amplify our message and inspire others to protect our coastal ecosystems.

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