Through education, training, and proactive community engagement, the Conservation Department of BC Métis Federation strives to preserve British Columbia's coastal, aquatic, and surrounding land environments and restore the health of its ecosystems.

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Tea Time with the Conservation Department

Tea Time with the Conservation Department


as we share our first-quarter updates! Discover what we've been up to and our achievements so far. Don't miss out!


Facing the Heat: Global Warming Realities and Our Fight for the Future - E4

Facing the Heat: Global Warming Realities and Our Fight for the Future - E4

The Aqua Agenda

Welcome to Aqua Agenda: Our mission is to explore and champion British Columbia's aquatic conservation, raising awareness and inspiring stewardship for clean and healthy coastal waters. Join us for interviews, discussions, and stories highlighting conservation efforts and the beauty of BC's marine ecosystems. Tune in and be part of the movement for a sustainable future.

2024 Highlight

Hundreds come out to clean up Vancouver shoreline

Get the latest updates on our conservation activities as well as information on upcoming events and training opportunities.

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Why Is Aquatic Conservation Important?

Wildfires in British Columbia: A Pressing Concern

2023 Coastal Conference

Article 4

Why Is Aquatic Conservation Important?

Immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration of aquatic and coastal conservation as passionate attendees share their insights, experiences, and thoughts on the crucial importance of preserving our oceans and coastal areas.

Hear from our participants as they…

Why Is Aquatic Conservation Important?


The Conservation Department focuses on coastal, aquatic, and land conservation across British Columbia. This work actively involves community members through projects and programs aimed at advocacy, planning, education, and raising awareness.

Aquatic Habitat  Restoration Fund

Aquatic Habitat Restoration Fund

The project contributes to strategic planning, Indigenous capacity building to enable education on habitat restoration and conservation.

Co-Developing Community Response

Co-Developing Community Response

The project addresses Indigenous concerns surrounding the risks associated with tanker traffic to marine activities and the environment.