Working Together for Coastal Conservation

Through education, training, and proactive community engagement, Coastal Water Protectors strive to preserve BC's coastal environment and restore the health of its aquatic ecosystems.

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2024 Coastal Conference

2024 Coastal Conference

North Vancouver

Organized by the BC Métis Federation's Coastal Conservation department, this gathering is committed to promoting awareness and initiatives aimed at safeguarding our coastal ecosystems. The event will unite enthusiastic individuals, speakers from diverse organizations, local vendors, and interactive activities, all with the goal of inspiring and catalyzing positive change

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The Coastal Water Protectors focus their efforts on coastal and aquatic conservation throughout the province of British Columbia. This work actively engages with community members through various projects and programs to deliver advocacy, planning, education and awareness.

Aquatic Habitat  Restoration Fund

Aquatic Habitat Restoration Fund

The project contributes to strategic planning, Indigenous capacity building to enable education on habitat restoration and conservation.

Co-Developing Community Response

Co-Developing Community Response

The project addresses Indigenous concerns surrounding the risks associated with tanker traffic to marine activities and the environment.